Dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms (15 grams)


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Superb Grade A ++ Amanita muscaria mushrooms delivered from Lithuania woods. These brilliantly-colored caps were picked up in the Lithuania Dzūkija region and are top nature products on the whole market.
All these Amanita muscaria mushrooms are harvested manually by hand and are checked manually. A person who are harvesting fly agaric is a top grade specialist and has many years of mushroom harvesting knowledge. The specialist is superb to finding the best Superb Grade A ++ Amanita muscaria mushrooms and he’s a true expert at drying these Amanitas mushrooms. Fly agaric is perfectly preserver and mushrooms will be delivered to you on the natural state as it is possible.
Some history of Amanita muscaria mushrooms
In the old world, the fly agaric mushroom Amanita muscaria has been closely associated with northern European and Asiatic shamans and their rituals. There are documents that contain information that numerous cultures throughout Europe and Asia were using fly agaric mushrooms ages. Amanita muscaria mushrooms were met in Siberia, its use predates the crossing of the Bering Straits into North America.
Amanita muscaria mushrooms were used in religious ceremonies, particularly in Asia. More than 4 thousand years fly agaric mushroom was the ingredient in a sacred and hallucinogenic ritual drink called ‘soma’ in India and Iran; while the Siberian shamans would give it out as a gift in late December.

We love to deliver you the best amanita muscaria caps in the market.As you can see our fly agaric is one kind of art piece.We hope you enjoy this mushroom as much as we do.

These dried caps are sold for their historical and ethnobotanical interest only and are not for human consumption; they are listed as a poison by the FDA.


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