Amanita Pantherina caps 15 grams (dried)

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Amanita Pantherina cap is deep brown to hazel-brown to pale ochraceous brown mushroom, with densely distributed warts that are pure white to sordid cream, minutely verruculose, floccose, easily removable. Amanita pantherina contains the psychoactive compound muscimol, but is used as an entheogen much less often than its much more distinguishable relative Amanita muscaria.

3 reviews for Amanita Pantherina caps 15 grams (dried)

  1. Fae

    Beautiful amanita caps! Freshly dried, in lovely condition, packaged carefully and with love. Many thanks!

  2. Matt

    Been looking for these all over!I have to say they were amazing, will order again.

  3. hurdjl (verified owner)

    Ordered the Pantherina. Excellent fresh dried product. Very impressed and so surprised at the quality.

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