Dried Amanita Regalis (Fly Agaric) mushrooms 15 grams

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Top quality dried amanita regalis mushroom tops. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

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Superb Grade A ++ Amanita regalis mushrooms delivered from Lithuania woods. These mushroom tops were picked up in the Lithuania Dzūkija region and are top natural products in market.Amanita regalis cannot be picked when its raining season, they come earlier then their brother amanita muscaria.These species grow in special places in parts of lithuania.They have brown skin and classic white dots on them.Pantherina looks familiar but doesnt look like royal fly agaric.
All these Amanita regalis mushrooms are harvested manually by hand and are checked manually. A person who are harvesting amanita regalis is a top grade specialist and has many years of mushroom harvesting knowledge. The specialist is superb to finding the best Superb Grade A ++ Amanita regalis mushrooms and he’s a true expert at drying these Amanitas mushrooms. Amanita regalis is perfectly preserver and mushrooms will be delivered to you on the natural state as it is possible.

Our mushroom tops offer the best smell these mushrooms can offer , it has a note of honey.

We love to deliver you the best amanita regalis caps  for sale in the market.As you can see our amanita regalis mushroom tops is one  kind of art piece.Amanita regalis is known for being found only in northern hemisphere, particularly eastern europe in baltics region.Buy royal fly agaric caps from us we promise highest mushroom standarts.we offer amanita regalis for sale, and we have the best price out there.

These dried caps are sold for their historical and ethnobotanical interest only and are not for human consumption; they are listed as a poison by the FDA.

1 review for Dried Amanita Regalis (Fly Agaric) mushrooms 15 grams

  1. Franky

    Absolut astonishing quality! They are very fresh and even smell extraordinary good, not comparable to what you get on the US market. Thx!

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