Dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms 1 ounce (30 grams)

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Eminent Grade A ++ Amanita muscaria mushrooms conveyed from Lithuania woods. These splendidly hued tops were gotten in the Lithuania Dzūkija district and are top nature items in the general market.
All these Amanita muscaria mushrooms are reaped physically by hand and are checked physically. An individual who is reaping fly agaric is a top evaluation master and has numerous long stretches of mushroom collecting information. The pro is eminent to finding the best Superb Grade A ++ Amanita muscaria mushrooms and he’s a genuine master at drying these Amanitas mushrooms. Fly agaric is superbly preserver and mushrooms will be conveyed to you on the regular state as it is conceivable.
Some history of Amanita muscaria mushrooms
In the old world, the fly agaric mushroom Amanita muscaria has been firmly connected with northern European and Asiatic shamans and their customs. Some archives contain data that various societies all through Europe and Asia were utilizing fly agaric mushrooms ages. Amanita muscaria mushrooms were met in Siberia, its utilization originates before the intersection of the Bering Straits into North America.
Amanita muscaria mushrooms were utilized in strict services, especially in Asia. More than 4 thousand years fly agaric mushroom was the fixing in a hallowed and psychedelic ceremony drink called ‘soma’ in India and Iran; while the Siberian shamans would give it out as a blessing in late December.
We love to convey to you the best amanita muscaria tops in the market. As should be obvious our fly agaric is one sort of craftsmanship piece. We trust you appreciate this mushroom as much as we do.
These dried tops are sold for their recorded and ethnobotanical intrigue just and are not for human utilization; they are recorded as a toxin by the FDA.

3 reviews for Dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms 1 ounce (30 grams)

  1. Steve

    Best Amanita vendor so far! I am truly satisfied with the quality of product and fast shipping.Came to michigan only in 10 days!Thank you.

  2. Jade

    Top notch product.Im verry surprised with the price and quality ratio.Definetily will order again! 🙂

  3. Ms Tallawah

    Excellent quality, cracker dry, shipped fast and well packaged. Also excellent customer service response times.

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