Dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms 1 ounce (30 grams)

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Eminent Grade A ++ dried amanita muscaria mushroom caps conveyed from Lithuania woods. These splendidly hued tops were gotten in the Lithuania Dzūkija district and are top nature items in the general market.

All these Amanita muscaria mushrooms are reaped physically by hand and are checked physically. An individual who is reaping fly agaric is a top evaluation master with many years of mushroom collecting experience. After this process, amanita muscaria caps are packed, dried, and vacuum sealed. They are then processed with a special dryer drying method to ensure quality dried mushrooms.

The pro is an expert in the drying process. Once it is finished, the mushrooms are weighed to make sure they meet the desired weight. The Amanita muscaria mushrooms are then packed in airtight containers and shipped to customers. All the drying, packing and shipping processes are done with the utmost care to ensure the mushrooms arrive in perfect condition.

He is also an expert at drying them. Fly agaric can be delivered to you regularly and is preserved to a high standard. The Amanita muscaria mushrooms undergo thorough inspection and testing to guarantee the quality is of a high level. The mushrooms pass inspection.

They are labeled and documented.

This provides customers with the information they need to make a purchase.

It ensures customers make an informed decision.

Once all the steps are completed, the mushrooms are shipped to customers via a reliable and secure delivery service. Customers can rest assured that their mushrooms are safe, secure, and of the highest quality.

Production is kept in a cool, dry environment.

These fly agaric caps are prepared by special recipes from our ancestors. Therefore, all of the ibotenic acid and muscimol are preserved in their natural state. This Amanita muscaria fly agaric is known as the highest standard available. However, human consumption is not advised as it is considered toxic.

Some history of Amanita muscaria mushrooms

The fly agaric mushroom Amanita muscaria has a long history. It has been linked to northern European and Asiatic shamans and their customs. Some archives contain data that various societies all through Europe and Asia were utilizing fly agaric mushrooms ages. Amanita muscaria mushrooms were met in Siberia, its consumption originates before the intersection of the Bering Straits into North America.

Amanita muscaria mushrooms have a long history of use in religious ceremonies, especially in Asia. For over 4,000 years, the fly agaric mushroom has been used in psychedelic “soma” ceremonies in India and Iran. Similarly, Siberian shamans have consumed the mushroom elixir in their religious practices.

We love to convey to you the best amanita muscaria tops in the market. As should be obvious our fly agaric is one sort of craftsmanship piece. We trust you appreciate this mushroom as much as we do.

These dried tops are sold for their interesting history and use in traditional medicine. The FDA has classified these mushrooms as toxic, so they should not be consumed by humans. Despite this, they can be a wonderful addition to any collection, either for decoration or educational purposes.

We hope you appreciate Amanita muscaria for its unique beauty. We also hope it inspires you to learn more about its history and use. Please remember that these mushrooms are toxic and should not be consumed by humans.

3 reviews for Dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms 1 ounce (30 grams)

  1. Steve

    Best Amanita vendor so far! I am truly satisfied with the quality of product and fast shipping.Came to michigan only in 10 days!Thank you.

  2. Jade

    Top notch product.Im verry surprised with the price and quality ratio.Definetily will order again! 🙂

  3. Ms Tallawah

    Excellent quality, cracker dry, shipped fast and well packaged. Also excellent customer service response times.

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